Text Box: Dynamic Capital Management, Inc.
Text Box: Introduction
Text Box: record of having outperformed the S&P500 on average by 1-2% after fees and commissions, per year, over the last ten years, as detailed in our performance numbers.

We donít take risk because we want to, but because without the potential of the added returns available if one invests wisely in equities, investors arenít likely to reach their investment goals. Our Wealth Accumulation Analysis identifies the likely wealth generating impacts across different asset allocations and fee assumptions, so you can see how important those things are to investors.

If you arenít already retired, the question often becomes how much money do you need at retirement in order to live the life you want, and what do you have to do between now and then to get there? That is why the asset allocation and investment decisions are so important. Our Retirement Planning Guide shows you how we help clients understand their financial future under various assumptions.

Finally, Dynamic Capital Management has special expertise in the management of taxable portfolios, utilizing its patented Efficient Tax software in order to minimize taxes, but not at the expense of future after-tax wealth generation.

Text Box: Dynamic Capital Management, Inc., is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that specializes in the conservative management of Separate Taxable, IRA, Roth, SEP, Trust, College and other stock and bond portfolios. Unlike a Stock Broker/Financial Advisor, who, as a salesperson, has no fiduciary duty to protect the clientís interests in terms of fees, and who often acts with investment prejudice, an RIA is a fiduciary with the authorized discretion to make investment decisions on behalf of the client. And as such, an RIA has a legal, moral and ethical duty to always act in the clientís best interests. 

What an investor purchases from their investment management program is after-fee performance, relative to the risk they are taking. One doesnít want bond performance from an equity portfolio. Beyond that, in the end, it is really oneís after-tax, after-inflation and after-fee performance that determines your wealth generation success. Our fee is 1% of an account value per year. Stock Broker/ Financial Advisors typically cost 2-3% once all their fees, sales commissions, and third party management fees are taken into account. Siphoning off a costly disproportionate share of wealth generating potential.

Our bond portfolios contain only high quality investment grade securities, and our stock selections, as a Large Cap Value manager, are designed to take the least amount of risk necessary in order to capture equity returns. As a result, DCM enjoys the enviable track
Dynamic Capital Management, Inc.
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